M.E.S. Closet

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nothing over RM35... Clearance sales

I am here sincerely apologize for being MIA for so so so long due to some personal matters. And we also found out that we have lots of gorgeous piece left for grab and the good news is we will be having a really big clearance sales. Up to 40% of the original price and nothing over RM35... Purchase 3 pieces and your postage is waived ( Pos Express ).. Do act fast before the your favourite piece is being grabbed...


RM 10






The two item above is RM30 not RM20. ( Sorry for the mistakes )


Do mailed us asap and reservation is only two days....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glossy Zipper Legging

We have just updated with glossy zipper legging. Very limited in numbers. Can pair with almost everything. Add some spice to your outfit.

Free Size

Yours for only RM25

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

T-Shirt Galore


Wear with leggings

Comes in Mustard Yellow, White, Fuschia, and Blue


Pair with a belt ( White )

or with vest ( Grey )

White, Pale Yellow and Grey


Can be a dress for petites

Joyful in White and Fuschia

We had just updated with lots of long top. Everyone needs a few piece of these to wear during those casual days...

Fit UK6 till UK8

RM 27 for 1

RM50 for 2

Eiffel Tower

A very unique piece. It can be wear either as a long top, a short dress or off shoulder. You decide it.. The silver studs on it is hand-made sewed.

Grab it for only RM49

Fit Big uk6 till UK14

Black And White

Not restockable at all..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Long Mirror Top

Black Mirror Top

White Long Top
A long top that can be a dress for petite and people not taller than 160cm. You can pair it with leggings or lacey socks to give a totally different look on it.. The material is so comfy that you will want to wear it whole day till your zzz time..
Fit UK 6 till UK12
Black Mirror Top
White Mirror Top

Friday, September 4, 2009

Studded Clinchers has finally ARRIVED!!

The long waiting studded belt in black has finally reached our hand.. The bad news is the silved studded belt is no more available.. Haih.. So sorry for those who had ordered and banked in, we will surely refund to you. This is the last batch of restock and the supplier is no more taking in. We have a few more belts in hand. For those, who still wanna get one for yourself. Do send us a mail to confirm yourself a piece.. It's only RM33 including PosLaju...

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Rocker Dress

Pale Yellow Rocker

The Cute little red pocket

Smocked at the waist part

The Pink Rocker Dress

This rocker piece is one of a kind piece. The little details are such a big contributor of the overall rocker feel of the dress. It can fit any size due it's smocked back and smocked at the waist part.

Comes in
Pale Yellow
Pale Pink
RM38 only
FIt uk 6 till big uk10


Light Blue ( Pair with our clincher )

Or Pair with vest to spark coolness

Or just wear it

Look at the button details

Another unique piece. I would say it is so Americanized. It can be a dress for the petite and the daring ones but you can always pair with leggings or shorts. Ribbed at the bust area for better fitting.

Fit Uk 6 till big UK10

Light Blue



RM 36 only..

Paper Girl

White Paper

Beige paper

Pink Paper

Another unique piece. So far I did not came across anything like this. It gives me the feeling of old school newspaper field. So US... It's a full zipper dress and a corset like bust line...

FIt big uk6 till big UK10

White Paper Girl

Beige Paper Girl

Pink Paper Girl


Blue Summer

Smocked back

Red Summer

A very summer piece. The belt in the 2nd picture is absolutely comes with the dress...

Fit uk6 till uk10

Red Summer, Blue Summer

Ribbon Belt included


Singlet Dress

The black

The Blue

The back view

White Singlet Dress

A simple, casual yet cute piece. The lacey straps screams cuteness and the cutting of it is so good that it bring slimming effect.

Fit UK 6 till Uk10

RM29 only ( Grab it )

Black, Blue and White


Black Fairy

Pair it with our clincher

A halter white fairy?

The back view

The adorable pink fairy
This is really a pretty piece. We plan to keep one for ouselves too but all the colours are so adorable. Which one should we choose? Another good thing about this piece is you can wear it as a halter dress or hide the straps to be a tube dress. Both look so cute..

Light Blue
Black ( Sold )
White ( Sold )
Fit big uk6 till big uk10
RM 45
Very limited